A wild..a…beast?


will-da-beast that most elusive of creatures, prone to mischief frequently attempting to cram large amounts of knowledge into their melons.



At this time I feel as though I am attempting to force knowledge (not wisdom) into my framework at a speed beyond my capacity to effectively utilize and recognize that the students I am attempting to reach are likely experiencing this effect to varying degrees. Taking this into account I am looking forward to creating a course design that accommodates multiple learning speeds with opportunities for students to re-watch, re-read and re-experience videos, presentations, handouts, articles and conversations that prepare them to meet their goals in school, at work, home and in life. It feels like a tall order.

I can do this.


3 Responses to Welcome to the Engage KPC Workshops!

  1. Get ready, get set, and get engaged!!!

    Ummm, well, I should probably clarify that statement. “Get engaged” with active learning, teaching, and educational technologies that support those endeavors!

    The KPC Engage workshops are your opportunity to learn new techniques, try out some new tips and tricks, and share your favorite ideas with colleagues. This is special time set aside JUST FOR YOU, so indulge in these professional development offerings and treat yourself to the occasion. Who knows, you could complete these workshops and come away with the next great idea or a renewed interest in the subjects that matter most to you. Come find out by attending the KPC Engage workshops!

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