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Screencast with Kaltura Demo for Transcribing Audio

This has been absolutely the most frustrating aspect! Attempting to post an embedded video into this little post. I even zipped the file to reduce size. I am beginning to think I do not have time to complete this and can see why students up against a deadline choose to do the bare minimum when faced with technology inclined to be perverse.

Anyone have any tips?

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The place where I work

River walk at KPC

River walk at KPC


Walk out of my office at lunch and this is what I experience. Every year (and it has been a decade!) it takes my breath away and inspires me to keep going. I love learning, advising and being here. It is a treasure and I am honored to be a caretaker.

OH Sweet Heavens Google +

I may or may not have just joined Google+ and might be experiencing a data overload! It is like a mashup of all things that interest Brandi. I like it! Anyone else on Google+? How do you like it?


UBD for Preparatory Advising 101

UBD-Tree_201601 Preparatory Advising 101

Here is my UBD tree for the Preparatory Advising 101 Blackboard course shell. I would appreciate feedback and direction from those you have previous course design experience as well as those who, thinking from a student’s perspective, may identify areas I have not considered.
Thank you,


A wild..a…beast?


will-da-beast that most elusive of creatures, prone to mischief frequently attempting to cram large amounts of knowledge into their melons.



At this time I feel as though I am attempting to force knowledge (not wisdom) into my framework at a speed beyond my capacity to effectively utilize and recognize that the students I am attempting to reach are likely experiencing this effect to varying degrees. Taking this into account I am looking forward to creating a course design that accommodates multiple learning speeds with opportunities for students to re-watch, re-read and re-experience videos, presentations, handouts, articles and conversations that prepare them to meet their goals in school, at work, home and in life. It feels like a tall order.

I can do this.


OOOooh! New Technology!

I am looking forward to this forum and the information I may glean from so many minds ? I enjoy engaging with colleagues, learning and improving skill sets to better assist students meet their goals.

When I am not at work, most often I may be found reading to myself or my children, walking, creating art, admiring art or discussing art, or people watching.


Art :)

Art 🙂

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