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Distractions & Obligations


This.  This right here.  This is why I sometimes run late.  His needs.

Morning quick run on the porch?  Check.

Breakfast served ala can & kibble, as requested?  Check.

Fed the kittehs so they don’t harass him?  Check.

Seconded extended morning walk for his daily constitutional?  Check.

Chewy treat for the day before I leave for work?  Check.

As a dog mom (and a kitteh mom and a nominally people mom), I spend a lot of my time on other people’s needs.

As an instructor, I take my consideration of others’ needs to a professional level.  Course outcomes?  Check.  Enriching activities that further learning?  Check.  Big picture focus for their learning?  Kinda check?

My f2f classes tend to be noisy, dynamic places, full of unexpected learning opportunities and big picture concepts, as well as detail-oriented skills practice.  I am very proud of my class content and student engagement in these classes.

My online classes?  Much less so.

I am hoping that this workshop will help me take several steps in the right direction of better meeting my students needs.

If only I could bring my dog…

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