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Prezi Video Embedded from YouTube to reduce file size

Embedded from YouTube. Thanks to Sarah for this tip on reducing file size in videos.

Prezi versus Slides

So here is a quick tip. If you are recording presentations in a tool like Camtasia and you have the ability to record both the microphone and the system audio (in order to record audio as well as your voice when you are recording an embedded video in your lecture) your file size will increase exponentially.

A recorded Prezi of less than two minutes that used embedded video with sound resulted in a 22 MB file. A five minute Slides presentation that only used voice from a mic and some animations resulted inĀ  a file that was only 10 MB.

File size can be a big deal if you are sharing it with an online community. The recorded Prezi is too large to post on this Engage site.

Clair’s Reflection on Google Apps

Learn by Doing

Reflections on Learning from both sides.

Learn by Doing. At Carnegie Mellon they refer to it as LBD. My students refer to it as “having to teach themselves” – not always intended as the compliment to my teaching that it really is.

I always spend time reflecting on what I have asked my students to do and on the feedback I get from them. I have a list of questions that guide me in this process. Was I clear about my expectations? Did my instructions make sense? Are the tasks I set clearly aligned to the key learning objectives I have outlined? Did students adequately demonstrate mastery? You know, all those questions we bullet list under the word “pedagogy.

But, what about these questions. Was the experience perceived as worth while by my students? Does the word “frustration” really mean frustration or does it mean “no one has ever truly challenged me before?” Has at least one student let me know that the experience of learning mathematics was not as bad as they had feared it would be?

I use these same questions when I reflect on what I am trying to learn. It helps me to target things that work and things that don’t. They allow me to own and appreciate the mistakes I make for the value they provide in redirecting me to different approaches, options, tools, and ideas. My mistakes are things I can truly own. No one wants to take credit for a goof up. It is a good thing I get so excited about mistakes, it is the only time I know I am really learning something.



Moose photo

Distractions R Us! One nice thing about living here is that whenever I get too focused on work, a neighbor usually wanders by to distract me a bit, get me out of my chair, and into some fresh air.

IP addresses

Does anyone else find it odd that our computer IP addresses are showing up on our posts?


It just struck me that I don’t mind poking around and clicking to open all the “doors” in an online tool, but I would never go into a person’s house and open all their drawers and cabinets. Hmmm…

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