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Here we Are!

I am looking forward to learning how to better engage (and retain) my students.  Each semester I have a number of students enroll in my online classes and then leave after a week.  Is this because they were not prepared for the effort an online class takes or is it because of how my class is designed.

I cannot do anything about the first item, and self selection might be good, but I can do everything possible to design an engaging class while still meeting high academic standards.

I do like to travel.   This picture is of me on one of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt just before I went inside.  I had a wonderful trip to Mexico recently and am going back 272150_2217081104033_942400_otwice this next winter.  My brother lives in Budapest so I have seen a lot of eastern Europe, and now my sister is buying a home there so will want to travel there soon.

This summer I am building a small cabin in the land I have across Kachemak Bay.


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