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Google Apps Reflection and Just Relaxing After Busy Day

The Google Apps Workshop provided a quick look at many Google Apps that have the potential to enhance the ‘learning community’ in both the F2F and online portions of the writing classes I teach so the two apps I have chosen to weave into the framework of these writing classes are Google Calendar and Google Docs.

The reason I chose these two apps to incorporate into the framework of my courses is twofold:  (1) students will have access to the Calendar in order to keep informed of deadlines and scheduled events; and  (2) students will have access to Google Docs where they can enhance their writing skills through collaboration and peer reviewing.

As I further my quest to seamlessly weave these ‘OogleGoogle Apps’ into my writing courses, I realize that I will need some additional assistance from my mentors.  I have much to learn as I have just touched ‘the tip of the iceberg’ so to speak!  Thank you for the introduction to the world of GOOGLE!

Ah, Such Is Life

Hello Sarah and Google Apps Fellows,

Thank you for running the session yesterday Sarah!

I lost sound during the last 20+ minutes of the session yesterday so I am not sure what I missed.  I do have some trouble accessing and navigating sites!  Ah, such is life!!  Since I was not sure what to do or what I missed, I decided to  try my luck with the Google Apps Learning … for Education.  I walked through the site and just looked at contents.  I watched a few videos and just looked around so I am pretty sure I know what apps I want to learn how to use (other than learning how to access and navigate sites)!  I would like to become proficient with Google Docs; How to design, embed and update a Calendar; and how to establish and manage Hangout Sessions.  The information in this area was helpful, but I need more practice and definitely more help with all these new tools.

Sorry about the loss of sound and the fact that I probably completed my own challenges in this Google Apps Learning.  I will go to the challenges section and see what additional challenges I need to attempt.

Please let me know if I missed anything else due to loss of sound.

Nice to see old friends (well not old…just compadres) and meet new friends.

Take care,


A Penny For My Thoughts

I am excited about this workshop because I will get to ‘hangout’ and strengthen my ‘voice’ skills in order to improve my ‘connections’ with the students in my f2f and online courses. I am very interested in improving ‘community’ in my courses and heightening the communication skills of my students.

I completed a blended workshop with OLC and learned about course design so now I am excited to work with the Google Apps and hone my skills even further.  I look forward to meeting new and old friends in this workshop.   Let’s hope I do not have to see the ‘Doc’ too often after I am exposed to all of this technology.

Feeling google-icious and a bit overwhelmed because I have tried to load some pictures and have had little luck!

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