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Now a way to share processes and procedures……


After learning how to integrate One Drive and the Office Programs into a common space for sharing and exchange between each other I’m excited!

I’d sure like to get a place set up with One Drive or Google Drive where each Business Office within the UAA Community can post their procedures for doing common tasks.   If we each shared our process and procedure guideline documents then maybe another campus can find a better way to do it better.   Also I would hope that a processes that another campus currently uses could help me improve the way that I do things.

There are so many ways out there to improve the process and share IDEAS, we just need to start using them……..

Thanks Sara and James for the Great Week so far and looking forward to the next two days……

If you’re overwhelmed with all the intake… There’s always the “Plop Plop Fizz Fizz”

After all the knowledge and input from the sessions this week you may be feeling a little overwhelmed.

Don’t worry, it will all settle in once you test and use the tools provided after the training.

(I just keep telling myself that Sarah and James are still gonna be here and are only a phone call or jog down the hall away………)

A New Day…. More Learning…. Tools for a Common Place to Share and Collaborate with Others

IMG_1204The Sun is out….  It’s a new day… Refreshed and ready to learn more.  It’s been a great week for finding new tools and ways to share and exchange ideas and stuff….  It’s amazing to know that there are so many tools out there that can be used but never are…    The door has now been opened…

It’s great to put in a good work day and then let out the steam afterwards

Leave the office, hop on the bike and take a cruise around the Kenai / Soldotna loop….    Out for a ride

Moving forward into the future……..


The Sun is Rising……

There are so many tools out there to use that help improve the business process, share thoughts and processes with others and collaborate on a better way to do the process….    I’m hoping this next few days will help me learn more about the tools and better ways to use them…..

Ready to learn……???

Ok,  I’ve figured out the first steps…    Let’s see if we can learn more……

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