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Sunshine Reflecting on Engaged Workshops

I’ve enjoyed this week of Engaged Workshops with Sarah, James and Claudia.  These workshops are an excellent way to learn about Course Design, Office 365 and Google Apps.  I highly recommend these workshops to faculty and staff in the future. There is so much to learn, and they are so encouraging about being there for us every step of the way.  I will not be a stranger to the ETT Department, and I do plan on asking for your expertise in the future.  Students will benefit from what I have learned from all of you on all three tracks.  Thank you for your patience and your positive energizing motivators to keep us moving forward.  This summer I plan on becoming more familiar with the resources you have given us, and I’m excited about using what I have learned in my NETS workshop in the fall.

Cook Inlet


A rainy cloudy day on Cook Inlet is peaceful after an exciting day of technology,

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