BA A151 Business Foundations – Flipped Classroom


This is the Welcome Video I posted for my student’s to watch prior to attending class.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you


UBD for Preparatory Advising 101

UBD-Tree_201601 Preparatory Advising 101

Here is my UBD tree for the Preparatory Advising 101 Blackboard course shell. I would appreciate feedback and direction from those you have previous course design experience as well as those who, thinking from a student’s perspective, may identify areas I have not considered.
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Wisdom from Steve (or not)

cityofsoldotna 50%-2

Dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with………………moose nuggets!

A Penny For My Thoughts

I am excited about this workshop because I will get to ‘hangout’ and strengthen my ‘voice’ skills in order to improve my ‘connections’ with the students in my f2f and online courses. I am very interested in improving ‘community’ in my courses and heightening the communication skills of my students.

I completed a blended workshop with OLC and learned about course design so now I am excited to work with the Google Apps and hone my skills even further.  I look forward to meeting new and old friends in this workshop.   Let’s hope I do not have to see the ‘Doc’ too often after I am exposed to all of this technology.

Feeling google-icious and a bit overwhelmed because I have tried to load some pictures and have had little luck!

OOOooh! New Technology!

I am looking forward to this forum and the information I may glean from so many minds ? I enjoy engaging with colleagues, learning and improving skill sets to better assist students meet their goals.

When I am not at work, most often I may be found reading to myself or my children, walking, creating art, admiring art or discussing art, or people watching.


Art :)

Art 🙂

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