BA A151 Business Foundations – Flipped Classroom


This is the Welcome Video I posted for my student’s to watch prior to attending class.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you


Google Classroom

Do students have to have an @alaska.edu email or will any gmail mail account do?  What if they are not a student at KPC or UAA?  Can you still enroll them?  Or send the code for them to access the google classroom?

Sunshine Reflecting on Engaged Workshops

I’ve enjoyed this week of Engaged Workshops with Sarah, James and Claudia.  These workshops are an excellent way to learn about Course Design, Office 365 and Google Apps.  I highly recommend these workshops to faculty and staff in the future. There is so much to learn, and they are so encouraging about being there for us every step of the way.  I will not be a stranger to the ETT Department, and I do plan on asking for your expertise in the future.  Students will benefit from what I have learned from all of you on all three tracks.  Thank you for your patience and your positive energizing motivators to keep us moving forward.  This summer I plan on becoming more familiar with the resources you have given us, and I’m excited about using what I have learned in my NETS workshop in the fall.

Good Game!

Great job everyone! So great to see everyone so engaged and motivated! I had a great time getting to know you all!

Engage_badge_600xWe awarded you all a final “KPC Engage” Badge! If you want to display it on social media or any online areas, you can follow the prompts to accept it and save it in Credly and have more social sharing functionality.

Thanks again for a great learning experience! Enjoy this weather!


Office 365 Overview

I enjoyed exploring course design, Google Apps, Office 365, and getting to know everyone this week. For those interested, here is a video overview of Office 365. To jump to a particular section, click the dropdown in the upper left of the video player.

Have a great summer everyone!

Google Apps Reflection and Just Relaxing After Busy Day

The Google Apps Workshop provided a quick look at many Google Apps that have the potential to enhance the ‘learning community’ in both the F2F and online portions of the writing classes I teach so the two apps I have chosen to weave into the framework of these writing classes are Google Calendar and Google Docs.

The reason I chose these two apps to incorporate into the framework of my courses is twofold:  (1) students will have access to the Calendar in order to keep informed of deadlines and scheduled events; and  (2) students will have access to Google Docs where they can enhance their writing skills through collaboration and peer reviewing.

As I further my quest to seamlessly weave these ‘OogleGoogle Apps’ into my writing courses, I realize that I will need some additional assistance from my mentors.  I have much to learn as I have just touched ‘the tip of the iceberg’ so to speak!  Thank you for the introduction to the world of GOOGLE!

Prezi Video Embedded from YouTube to reduce file size

Embedded from YouTube. Thanks to Sarah for this tip on reducing file size in videos.

Screencast with Kaltura Demo for Transcribing Audio

This has been absolutely the most frustrating aspect! Attempting to post an embedded video into this little post. I even zipped the file to reduce size. I am beginning to think I do not have time to complete this and can see why students up against a deadline choose to do the bare minimum when faced with technology inclined to be perverse.

Anyone have any tips?


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The place where I work

River walk at KPC

River walk at KPC


Walk out of my office at lunch and this is what I experience. Every year (and it has been a decade!) it takes my breath away and inspires me to keep going. I love learning, advising and being here. It is a treasure and I am honored to be a caretaker.

Prezi versus Slides

So here is a quick tip. If you are recording presentations in a tool like Camtasia and you have the ability to record both the microphone and the system audio (in order to record audio as well as your voice when you are recording an embedded video in your lecture) your file size will increase exponentially.

A recorded Prezi of less than two minutes that used embedded video with sound resulted in a 22 MB file. A five minute Slides presentation that only used voice from a mic and some animations resulted in  a file that was only 10 MB.

File size can be a big deal if you are sharing it with an online community. The recorded Prezi is too large to post on this Engage site.

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