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Do students have to have an email or will any gmail mail account do?  What if they are not a student at KPC or UAA?  Can you still enroll them?  Or send the code for them to access the google classroom?

Clair’s Reflection on Google Apps

We celebrated the Salmon!

One of the things I love about KPC is that work-life balance is not just something we talk about – it’s encouraged!

Thanks to that cultural attitude, I was privileged to chaperone (without guilt) my daughter’s second grade class to  Johnson Lake for the annual Salmon Celebration (if you haven’t been, find a 7 -11 year old and go!)!  Great day – no rain and lots of fishy business. 😉

Road trippin' with second graders!

Road trippin’ with second graders!


Fishing on dry land….hmmmmmmmm


The fish was named fliptail – hopefully his (her) release to Johnson lake wasn’t too traumatic! :-0

Wisdom from Steve (or not)

cityofsoldotna 50%-2

Dazzle them with brilliance or baffle them with………………moose nuggets!

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